My Summer 2020 Beauty Must-Haves


This is a bit of a random collection, but absolute necessities for this summer. Scroll to see what I can’t (or would never want to) live without.

  1. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mousse

A good friend of mine recommended this tan to me after I had complimented her bronzed skin during quarantine, we have similar complexions so I decided to give it a try. This formula is the PERFECT color on my cool skin tone, never orange, and just dark enough that it truly gives you that post vacation glow. This foam is also very hydrating, fades evenly and lasts for a solid 4 days. 10/10

2. Ulta Beauty Hydrating Face Primer

Now I know what you are thinking, “is this girl recommending a non mattifying primer in July?” Well yes, I am. As someone with acne prone, combination skin I tend to struggle with finding a good overall primer. My main goals are to keep oil under control but still look glowy, smooth out my pores and to keep that makeup in place. This primer does all of that and more, and is an EXCELLENT price point. Super impressed with this product, feels like velvet on the skin, does not break me out and lasts all day.

3. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation in Classic Tan

The idea of buying 5 different shades of foundation to match my ever changing summer skin tone just never made sense to me, and this NYX liquid foundation has solved that problem. I can add drops of this to ANY foundation of my choosing and get an exact color match to my tan without any noticeable change in formula. And it’s under $10 and lasts FOREVER, just get it and thank me later.

4. Baby Bum Mineral 50 Sunscreen Spray

If you don’t already know, wearing sunscreen on your face daily is truly the key to perfect skin. Admittedly, finding a sunscreen that didn’t break me out, make my makeup slide everywhere or leave me oily seemed impossible. I bought this out of desperation on vacation and never looked back. I apply this on top of moisturizer every day, under my makeup or alone, and absolutely love it. The light scent reminds me of vacation and it contains only 2 ingredients.

5. Hempz Sensitive Skin Herbal Body Moisturizer

This artificial fragrance + dye free body lotion smells delicious, hydrates my skin and and soothes my eczema prone skin. Made with oatmeal and hemp seed oil, this is only the good stuff for your skin and doesn’t leave a film on hot summer days. I especially love that it can be applied over fake tan and doesn’t cause it to fade prematurely.

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My favorite ways to waste time in self-isolation

  1. Cooking what catches my eye on Postmates

Many of you might not know that I actually went to culinary school. If someone knows how to cook professionally, wouldn’t they cook for themselves? Sadly no, during the regular hustle of life I found substance from bodega protein bars and iced coffees, So I have made it my mission to resist take-out temptations and get creative in the kitchen again.

2. Accessorizing for my living room debut

I think most of us can admit we are guilty of having a stash of fun jewelry and continuing to choose the same gold hoops each day. They are practical, chic and reliable, but self-isolation is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not have to be practical at all. Put on your favorite sweat set, a wild eyeshadow and every ring you own.

3. Actually reading the magazines I subscribe to

Print has always been my preferred source of pop culture and I love to indulge with subscriptions. Taking the time to enjoy the glossy pages, perfume samples, stories of artists and individuals is so satisfying. There is an attention to detail there that I cannot seem to find on their online formats.

4. Rewatching Sex and the City

This one is not productive, but is absolutely necessary for my mental health. My love fro New York City is comparable to that of a long and simple marriage, in health and in sickness it is my true love. Ironically, I am still here but feeling homesick, longing to be out and participating in all the city has to offer. Sex and the City is my way of reminiscing on the good times.

5. Relaxing. Like, actually.

As an Aries, this is the hardest of the list to remember. Social media has a way of try to come off as helpful and motivating during this crisis, but often making us feel as if we are not doing enough. It gives us the impression that we should be coming out of this period as new and evolved people, when in reality coming out of this in any form is an amazing feat. Take time to just sit, listen to the rain, remember to breath, whatever relaxation looks like to you. And remember, this will all be over soon.